Since January 2011, when Senator Berger and his colleagues were sworn in to lead the State Senate, North Carolina’s unemployment rate has fallen from 10.4% to 4.1%, and the state’s economy created over 600,000 new jobs.

Senator Berger and his colleagues had a simple philosophy to help private businesses and hard-working North Carolinians pull the state out of the worst recession since the Great Depression: get out of the way. They’ve worked to get government off the backs of job-creating businesses, and it’s paving the way for more creativity, productivity and entrepreneurship than the State has seen in decades.

The Senate, for example, has passed eight regulatory reform bills in eight years, to cut government red tape and keep unelected bureaucrats from halting progress in the private economy. The Senate has balanced state budgets, approved new clean energy exploration, cut taxes on families and businesses, reformed public schools and invested in universities to ensure North Carolina remains a destination for new businesses and workers from around the world.