Berger Names Senate Committees on Rules, Judiciary, Commerce, Agriculture

Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) on Thursday announced the following appointments to Senate standing committees for the 2017-2018 biennium:


Rules and Operations of the Senate:

Chair: Bill Rabon

Members: Chad Barefoot, Dan Blue, Andrew Brock, Harry Brown, Ben Clark, Warren Daniel, Joel Ford, Kathy Harrington, Ralph Hise, Brent Jackson, Michael Lee, Floyd McKissick, Wesley Meredith, Louis Pate, Shirley Randleman, Tommy Tucker, Terry Van Duyn, Trudy Wade



Chairs: Tamara Barringer, Warren Daniel, Shirley Randleman

Members: Dan Bishop, Dan Blue, Danny Britt, Harry Brown, Jim Davis, Cathy Dunn, Rick Gunn, Rick Horner, Michael Lee, Brent Jackson, Jeff Jackson, Paul Lowe, Paul Newton, Jerry Tillman, Terry Van Duyn, Andy Wells


Commerce and Insurance:

Chairs: Rick Gunn, Wesley Meredith, Trudy Wade

Members: John Alexander, Dan Bishop, Harry Brown, Angela Bryant, Ben Clark, Bill Cook, Cathy Dunn, Chuck Edwards, Joel Ford, Ralph Hise, Tom McInnis, Floyd McKissick, Paul Newton, Ron Rabin, Norman Sanderson, Erica Smith-Ingram


Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources:

Chairs: Bill Cook, Norman Sanderson, Andy Wells

Members: John Alexander, Danny Britt, Andrew Brock, Angela Bryant, Jay Chaudhuri, Rick Horner, Brent Jackson, Tom McInnis, Wesley Meredith, Paul Newton, Ron Rabin, Erica Smith-Ingram, Trudy Wade, Mike Woodard


“Through these Senate committees, capable and experienced legislators of both parties will delve deeply into many issues that matter to North Carolinians – including growing our economy, enhancing public safety and preserving our natural resources,” said Berger.


Additional committee assignments will be announced in the coming days.