Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) on Tuesday announced Senate oversight committee assignments for the interim.

“These committees provide oversight for a host of critical functions and operations of state government, as well as a forum for research and discussion that will help guide and prepare lawmakers for our upcoming session,” said Berger. “I’m grateful to our members for their service during the interim.”

Most committees will meet once per month, or less, until the General Assembly returns in April 2016 for its short session.

A list of committee membership is below:

Joint Legislative Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee
Chair: Hartsell
Members: Barringer, Blue, Daniel, B. Jackson, J. Jackson, Robinson, Wells

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Agriculture, Natural and Economic Resources
Chair: B. Jackson
Members: Alexander, Bryant, Cook, McInnis, Sanderson

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Capital Improvements
Chair: Harrington

Members: Brown, Clark, Ford, Gunn, B. Jackson, Krawiec, Tucker
Advisory Member: Barefoot

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Economic Development
Chair: Brown
Members: Barringer, Bryant, Gunn, B. Jackson, Lee, McInnis, McKissick, Rucho, Sanderson, Smith-Ingram

Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee
Chair: Soucek
Vice Chair: Tillman
Members: Apodaca, Barefoot, Cook, Curtis, Pate, Sanderson, Smith, Smith-Ingram, Waddell
Advisory Member: Hartsell

Joint Legislative Elections Committee
Chair: Rucho
Members: Apodaca, Blue, Brock, Bryant, Krawiec, Smith, Tarte, Woodard

Joint Legislative Emergency Management Oversight Committee
Chair: Soucek
Members: Harrington, Newton, Rabin, Sanderson, Van Duyn

Joint Legislative Commission on Energy Policy
Chair: Brock
Members: Newton, Rabin, Rucho, Waddell
Advisory Member: B. Jackson

Environmental Review Commission
Chair:  Wade
Members: Brock (Ex Officio), Alexander, Bingham, B. Jackson, Lowe, Rabin, Smith

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on General Government
Chair: J. Davis
Members: D. Davis, Foushee, Krawiec, Lee, Sanderson

Joint Legislative Governmental Operations Committee
Chair: P. Berger (Ex Officio)
Members: Brown (Ex Officio), Pate (Ex Officio), Apodaca, Barefoot, Bingham, Blue, Brock, Daniel, D. Davis, J. Davis, Ford, Gunn, Harrington, Hartsell, Hise, B. Jackson, McKissick, Rabon, Rucho, Stein, Tillman, Tucker, Wade

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services
Chair: Pate
Members: Barefoot, Barringer, Foushee, Hise, Robinson, Sanderson, Tarte, Tucker, Van Duyn, Woodard
Advisory Member: Randleman

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Information Technology
Chair: Tarte
Members: Barefoot, Brock, Clark, Hise, Soucek, Stein, Woodard

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Justice and Public Safety
Chair: Randleman
Members: Bingham, Brown, Bryant, Daniel, J. Jackson, Lee, Newton, Robinson, Soucek, Wells 

Legislative Research Commission
Chair: Apodaca
Members: Berger (Ex Officio), Blue, Harrington, Lowe, Meredith

Legislative Services Commission
Chair: Berger (Ex Officio)
Members: Apodaca, Brown, Clark, Newton

Joint Legislative Committee on Local Government
Chair: J. Davis
Members: Curtis, D. Davis, Foushee, Tucker, Wade, Woodard
Municipal Incorporations Subcommittee: J. Davis, Foushee, Tucker

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on the North Carolina State Lottery
Chair: Tillman
Members: Apodaca, Brown, D. Davis, Gunn, McKissick, Wells

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Medicaid and N.C. Health Choice
Chair: Hise
Members: Clark, Hartsell, Krawiec, McKissick, Pate, Tucker

Permanency Innovation Initiative Oversight Committee 
Chair & Legislative Member: Barringer

Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee
Chair: Hartsell
Members: Bingham, D. Davis, Foushee, Hise, McInnis, Pate, Randleman, Waddell
Advisory Members: Gunn, Krawiec 

Revenue Laws Study Committee
Chair: Rucho
Vice Chairs: Rabon, Tillman
Members: Brock, Clark, Curtis, Ford, Hartsell, McKissick, Wells
Advisory Member: Barringer

Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee
Chair: Rabon
Vice Chair: Harrington
Members: Daniel, Ford, Gunn, Krawiec, Lee, Lowe, Meredith, Smith-Ingram, Soucek
Advisory Member: Alexander

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Unemployment Insurance
Chair:  Rucho
Members: Alexander, Clark, Meredith 

Joint Legislative Workforce Development System Reform Oversight Committee
Chair:  Barefoot
Members: Cook, Curtis, J. Davis, Pate, Rabin, Smith, Van Duyn