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  • commented 2016-06-28 19:30:43 -0400

    I will keep this brief, because you don’t want to know everything that I am thinking. However, I am compelled to tell you that if I understand the amendments correctly, they are worse than the bigoted, hateful, harmful original bill. First, you and most of the rest of the Republicans in the General Assembly betrayed your constituents by stripping them of employment protections, access to courts for just remedy to abuses/wrongful actions by employers, and hindering their ability to gain a living wage by area. Now, you are requiring transgender persons to obtain and carry a special ID for access to bathrooms. That is just insane. What are you going to support next? Tattoos on their arms with their state ids, so we know who you intend to cull from the gene pool first?

    It is time for this travesty to end. Repeal HB2. The entire thing needs to go. Repeal the original HB2 and forget the amendments.


    John Stauble
  • commented 2016-06-13 13:54:51 -0400
    Please do not vote for the tolls on I-77,they will be horrible, I drive this road ever day and what will happen is everyone will get in the non toll lanes, they drive like idiots now,it will be a hazard,you need to open the h o v lanes, they are always empty, the mayors of huntersville, and Davidson lied,they went behind the boards back,everyone voted no,and they changed it in front of all of you,they will be voted out,if not impeached,I have lived in this area 30 years,p.s to pay these people for 50years is reducilus, gail
  • commented 2016-04-26 14:13:12 -0400
    NC energy policy needs to shift toward fact based initiatives and away from liberal feel good energy policies that solve nothing. 1st, fracking to secure natural gas, which is astoundingly abundant, safely and openly will provide fuel to run power plants and industry along with vehicles. There is plenty and we need only plan the conversion. Unlike liberal electric car and solar stupidity converting to natural gas will markedly reduce CO2 emissions.

    Unlike solar and electric car stupidity gas is cheap and a real solution. $70,000 leafs that use electric from coal/oil fired plants cause more CO2 than a gasoline engine ever would! Plain stupid! Plus who is gonna pay for the $20,000 battery replacement in 10 yrs of use? Taxpayer subsidies! Special stupid! But the owner feels like they saved the planet even though their purchase is worse for the planet than a gas engine.

    Solar is a major loser when compared to gas. Solar is expensive and exists only because of subsidies. The expensive cells will have to be replaced due to wear and oh say destruction by hurricanes. Solar is a money pit and will never be a major cheap sustainable source like gas. The money for solar would better be spent on grid improvement, saving lost energy, and conversion to gas. Fracking can be done safely and legislated to demand it while giving NC a windfall cheap energy source to lead the world in how to significantly reduce carbon and provide energy security.

    Imagine, no more coal or oil run power plants. No coal ash ponds threatening rivers far more than fracking could ever! Imagine trade deficits dropping like a rock as we import no oil for industry and power plants. Imagine riding a bus or driving a car that gets great mileage because natural gas has 10 times the energy as the best battery vehicle can deliver.

    Imagine a real solution to CO2 injection into the atmosphere. Liberals say republicans deny warming, fact is we deny the liberal and democrat “feel good” stupidity. Go ahead libs, put 6 sq feet of solar panels on your car…see how far that whooping 2hp generated will move your 140 hp engine! Good luck running industry and power plants on solar. Special stupid! Keep driving that leaf charged by a CO2 emitting oil or coal plant, at least smarten up and buy a hybrid until you get a car conversion kit and natural gas stations become the norm in NC.
  • commented 2016-04-25 18:23:31 -0400
    Stay the course Senator. HB2 simply is common sense. It also reveals the reason for the vast ethical divide between liberals & conservatives in all matters.

    Conservatives believe ethically based values and traditions that strengthen individuals, preserve and protect our communities are paramount to individual rights. Liberals/dems believe individual rights are paramount and have no regard for the destruction their ideology does to individuals, families and communities. These liberal iconoclasts enjoy spreading aids, drug addiction, debauchery, alcohol abuse and their kind commit most crimes of all types. They mean to destroy the values of prudence and temperance and pervert children to their hedonistic self absorbed me me me lifestyle train wreck.

    They can cancel events and not move jobs to NC and we will be the better for it. The poison refusing to come and pollute our state is a blessing in disguise! We don’t want to end up like Virginia, overrun with the depraved to the point felons get to vote for their favorite democrat. Not Here! Stay the Course!
  • commented 2016-04-21 09:47:50 -0400
    Mr Berger, I read the N&O article (today Apr 21) about your feelings regarding HB2. I realized you need to hear from people who oppose the “Bathroom” bill. I am a nurse, and have been a nurse since 1975. My role required me to serve all patients regardless of their personal beliefs – and I did.

    Re HB2 – please consult with medical professionals to better understand the transgender condition. A recent N&O letter to the editor (by Dr. Kane) and a recent letter to Governor McCrory (signed by many Endocrinologists, from many facilities) would be good places to begin.

    Also, please realize the consequences of this bill – a woman, who is transitioning to become a man, will be legally required to visit the women’s restroom – in spite of masculine clothing and appearance (including perhaps a beard, baldness, musculature). A recent visit by gender neutral models in Raleigh NC helped illustrate this situation. Women & children will be using a restroom alongside apparent men who are anatomically women (ie birth certificate criteria). This could enable predator males to enter without altering their clothing to “fit in” . . .

    It is an unintended and potentially harmful effect of this bill.

    What should we do, when we see an apparent male use the restroom alongside us? Think of children who do not understand, think of parents of those children. Think of the Transgender community – this group of people without a record of harassment.

    Please open your mind to the consequences, please ask others for information, if this is not enough.

    Thank you,

    Sally Williford (RN, MSN) – of Cary NC
  • commented 2016-04-20 18:22:54 -0400
    Your logic and argument regarding HB-2 is not only illogical, but only shows what supposedly our state leaders really understand about 2016 issues. It is really a sad sad state of affairs.

    Your positions are an embarrassment around the world for this state!
  • commented 2016-04-09 07:30:26 -0400
    Shame on you. One more Republican hypocrite. I suppose you are all for smaller government so long as control stops with you and no more local than that. Limit control that keeps citizens safe from polluters in order to save money for your big business supporters but make sure you have something to say about what goes on in our bedrooms and bodies. Promulgate costly solutions (laws) looking for problems that don’t exist. Do what you can to make certain those who become unemployed have to really struggle in order to benefit from the money they have contributed to that system.

    Arrogance and shortsightedness seem to be the Republican values of the day. You people are simply obdurate. My Republican father must be rolling over in his grave.
  • commented 2016-03-30 17:06:11 -0400
    Do I need to carry my birth certificate with me before I use a public bathroom now?
  • commented 2016-03-29 18:12:34 -0400
    I think you are right to support Bill #2 as signed into law by the Governor. Please stand your ground and let Roy Cooper know his place and job we elected him to do
  • commented 2015-09-11 10:45:59 -0400

    From: C/O Kenneth Prontaut

    To: Asst. Superintendent Mark Carver

    Re: Unlawful Workplace Harassment/Hostile Work Environment Issues

    Mr. Carver, I wish to file a complaint on behalf of myself and other Officers at Caswell Correctional Center. Around June of 2015, I became aware of an assault that took place on Officer Kanoy by Officer Tucker on A Night Shift. During this assault Officer Tucker allegedly struck Officer Kanoy around the face and eyes with her clenched fist leaving bruising and bending his glasses. I suggested to Kanoy that he file assault charges against Tucker. He declined and stated he would find another job. Shortly after, he resigned his position.

    In a separate incident, on 9-8-15, while waiting for line staff to show for lineup, an agent for Colonial Life arrived to attempt to encourage us to buy life insurance. I stated to Officer Fitzgerald that maybe he should take out some life insurance coverage. I meant this as a joke as Officer Fitzgerald had been involved in a minor collision on his motorcycle. Officer Fitzgerald replied “Prontaut, keep my name out of your mouth. I’m about to put something on you that I can’t take back”. This was stated in a clearly threatening manner. I told him I was just kidding and he repeated the same statements previously quoted. His mannerisms were clearly threatening. Officer’s Whittington and Pressley among others witnessed the incident. I will no longer speak with or associate myself with Officer Fitzgerald and do not wish to be assigned duty posts with him. On other occasions he has presented himself as rude and arrogant to me.

    Most employees simply quit and find other jobs to avoid these occurrences. I will likely be the next to resign. It is a shame people cannot be civil with each other in this day and time.

    Please consider this an official complaint to which I would like an official response.

    Sincerely, C/O Kenneth L Prontaut
  • commented 2015-09-06 10:49:19 -0400
    Leave the solar incentives in place and don’t cave to Duke Power and its cronies. Do you job and protect the environment of this state! To do anything else would be cravenly submissive to the big power interests in this state and this country.