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  • commented 2015-09-11 10:45:59 -0400

    From: C/O Kenneth Prontaut

    To: Asst. Superintendent Mark Carver

    Re: Unlawful Workplace Harassment/Hostile Work Environment Issues

    Mr. Carver, I wish to file a complaint on behalf of myself and other Officers at Caswell Correctional Center. Around June of 2015, I became aware of an assault that took place on Officer Kanoy by Officer Tucker on A Night Shift. During this assault Officer Tucker allegedly struck Officer Kanoy around the face and eyes with her clenched fist leaving bruising and bending his glasses. I suggested to Kanoy that he file assault charges against Tucker. He declined and stated he would find another job. Shortly after, he resigned his position.

    In a separate incident, on 9-8-15, while waiting for line staff to show for lineup, an agent for Colonial Life arrived to attempt to encourage us to buy life insurance. I stated to Officer Fitzgerald that maybe he should take out some life insurance coverage. I meant this as a joke as Officer Fitzgerald had been involved in a minor collision on his motorcycle. Officer Fitzgerald replied “Prontaut, keep my name out of your mouth. I’m about to put something on you that I can’t take back”. This was stated in a clearly threatening manner. I told him I was just kidding and he repeated the same statements previously quoted. His mannerisms were clearly threatening. Officer’s Whittington and Pressley among others witnessed the incident. I will no longer speak with or associate myself with Officer Fitzgerald and do not wish to be assigned duty posts with him. On other occasions he has presented himself as rude and arrogant to me.

    Most employees simply quit and find other jobs to avoid these occurrences. I will likely be the next to resign. It is a shame people cannot be civil with each other in this day and time.

    Please consider this an official complaint to which I would like an official response.

    Sincerely, C/O Kenneth L Prontaut
  • commented 2015-09-06 10:49:19 -0400
    Leave the solar incentives in place and don’t cave to Duke Power and its cronies. Do you job and protect the environment of this state! To do anything else would be cravenly submissive to the big power interests in this state and this country.